Leave us a legacy and help us build a better world ! If you would like to continue supporting the vital work we do after you passed away, you can name us in your will. We will put your generous donation towards a specific project in your memory to make life better for the communities in need and to protect the environment.

Because donations to Nouvelle Planète are tax-exempt, you can be assured that whatever you give will go towards your chosen project. You can support our work in one of two ways:

• By naming us as an heir in your will, alongside other people or organisations of your choosing. As an heir, we’ll receive a fixed percentage of your estate.

• By leaving us a legacy. You can choose to leave us a fixed sum or an asset, such as a life insurance policy.

To help you with this process, our partner DeinAdieu.ch will guide you through the various stages free of charge :

Personalized will template

Free legal consultation

If you have any questions or need help, please do not hesitate to contact our director, Philippe Randin, for a confidential, no-strings-attached meeting.