You are a group of 10 people or more (schools, church groups, scouts, friends, etc.). You would like to contribute together to the realization of a project in a rural community in Africa or Asia? Then get in touch with our team and we will put together a made-to-measure package just for you.

You will spend three weeks embedded in village life – safely supervised by our competent strategic partner. You will be able to work with construction workers, visit families, play with children, discuss with villagers, join them in their fields, plant some trees, laugh, dance… in short, share everyday life with villagers.

Your group will pay all of your costs (fixed sum covering your plane ticket, travel insurance, food, accommodation, local travel, other expenses, and a contribution to the organisational costs). Our group trips typically cost between CHF 1,300 and CHF 2,200 per person, depending on when and where you are travelling to.

Your group will make a financial contribution towards the project you will be working on (at least CHF 700 per person)

We will cover the difference.

“The trips are all about cultural exchange. You don’t need any special skills.”

Interested to organize a trip for your group ?
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