Nouvelle Planète proposes the compensation of greenhouse gas emissions in connection with the implementation of demarcation projects in the Amazon. Our methodology is validated by an independent certification body in accordance with the ISO 14064-2 standard.

The 100% of the payment allows indigenous communities in the Peruvian Rainforest to protect the forest.

Nouvelle Planète invites you to consider carbon compensation to contribute to the ecological transition and not to cancel your footprint.

Co2 compensation calculation

  • Car : CHF 0.01 cent per litre of petrol
  • Plane
    • Flight within Europe: CHF 12.00 one way / CHF 24.00 return
    • Intercontinental flight: CHF 40.00 one way / CHF 80.00 return

Source : Geneva airport. For a more precise calculation, you can visit the website of