Our principal objectives:

1. Support local initiatives and help the poor and disadvantaged people in rural regions meet their basic needs.

2. Favour competence and experience of the village groups and the professional local coordination groups.

3. Guarantee an independent and self-sufficient running of projects. Helping to maintain a long term follow up.

Themes and Examples of projects

Sustainable agriculture

The majority of the local population in our areas of operation live off money generated by agricultural activities. The support of local initiatives, particularly women’s initiatives, and the installation of mini projects contribute to professionalise those activities, better the situation of the villagers and thus help limit the exodus of the rural population.

  • Village workshops concerning agricultural transformation to better the financial situation
  • Vegetable garden, agricultural irrigation, cereal banks and the fight against erosion etc. to help guarantee a better food safety and management of the harvest
  • Agricultural training, use of natural fertilisers etc. in order to promote sustainable agriculture
  • Stock farming in the form of micro-credits (sheep, donkeys and carts, etc.) to support women’s activities

Examples of projects

  • Installation women’s workshops for cereal transformation in the village of Tô in Burkina Faso (CHF 22’000.-)
  • Installation of a rice transformation unit in Bangouya in Guinea (CHF 35’468.-)
  • Rehabilitation of an irrigation system in the fields of Behorimo (25 ha) in Madagascar (CHF 28’175.-)
  • Installation of a cereal bank in Touba Cocky in Senegal (CHF 30’167.-)


Water is life …. on condition that it is drinkable. The impact of projects in this domain affects not only the access to water, but has an influence on health, economy, social and security issues.

  • Water systems including village pumps and fountains
  • Wells and water towers
  • Community reservoirs, ex. for schools
  • Toilettes to improve the basic hygiene

Examples of projects

  • Installation of water systems including 15 pumps at Ambodimanga in Madagascar (CHF 38’508.-)
  • Construction of three reservoirs for schools and four communal wells at Mpunga in Uganda (CHF 19’882.-)
  • Drilling of a well and construction of a water tower with village pumps at Douré in Burkina Faso (CHF 48’470.-)


The promotion of appropriate techniques (photovoltaic, biogas, solar heating) in combination with forest protection and training help to fight climate changes, preserve the bio-diversity and better the life of the population in general. All projects contain an aspect of environmental protection, at least reforestation or raising the awareness of problems.

  • Support the Amazon Indians in their fight to save large forest areas with titled land deeds (recognition of property rights)
  • Further actions to regain infertile lands of the Sahel desert
  • Reforestation and revitalisation of the Mangroves
  • Use solar energy, biogas and renewable energies in order to replace combustible energy sources such as wood and fossil fuel.

Examples of projects

  • Protection of primary forest areas with titled land deeds for local communities in the valley of Bas Ucayali in the Peruvian Amazon. (CHF 87’100.-)
  • Installation of 210 biogas plants in Dai Phuoc in Vietnam (CHF 104’881.-)
  • Apiculture, community gardens and reforestation for women’s community groups in Northwest Cameroun (CHF 37’362.-)


Education is the key to long term development. We support projects for a limited time frame without being in charge of the long term functioning, which remains the duty of the beneficiaries (teachers’ salaries and maintenance charges, etc.)

  • Infant, primary, secondary and professional schools – installing an infrastructure of quality adapted to the context
  • Alphabetisation
  • Bilingual and intercultural education with the formation of teachers able to guarantee an apprenticeship respecting the identity of each person and giving value to the local traditions

Example of projects

Construction of two classrooms and toilet facilities for a primary school in Abuh in Cameroun (CHF 48’852.-)

Training intercultural and bilingual teachers for the indian population of Loreto, in Peruvian Amazon (CHF 8’840.-)


The poor health cover and lack of information adapted to the context has dramatic consequences. Every year a number of people die or have irreversible health problems due to avoidable illnesses or treatment given too late.

  • Village health centres promoting better treatments within rapid reach of the population.
  • Organisation of awareness campaigns given to medical teams (malaria, diarrhoea, polio, childbirth, information on teenage pregnancies in liaison with regional schools, female circumcision of young girls,…)

Examples of projects

  • Construction of a medical post in Guinea (CHF 32’778.-)
  • Installation of a medical centre with a maternity unit in Myanmar (CHF 67’432.-)