We have been working in Guinea since 2013. Our main focus is to address the needs of women’s, farmers’ and village groups in remote, rural sub-prefectures in Kindia region.

Key figures 2020

supported projects
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Performance Afrique Guinée, a local organisation based in Kindia, coordinates our work in the field.

What we do in Guinea :

We are currently focussing our actions in the two sub-prefectures of Bangouya and Kolenté, in Kindia region. We are mainly supporting agriculture, food-processing (for women’s group), water supply and health projects.

Examples of projects


Building an plant oil extraction unit for the local women’s group

CHF 27,185.-
Dinki Madina

Building a new health centre

CHF 48,585.-

Creating a better learning environment at the village primary school

CHF 57,675.-

Building a traditional dyeing, hairdressing, sewing and soap-making centre

CHF 41,307.-