Quality Guarantee and References

Nouvelle Planète aims at organizing efficient and effective projects of high quality.

Our projects are based on strict standards:

  • Financial accounting in accordance with the RPC 21 norm and the standards of the Swiss Confederation
  • Audit of financial accounts by a recognized accountant
  • Compliance with  the ZEWO standards of quality
  • Compliance with the ISO 9001 standards in terms of management

Our work is recognised: Nouvelle Planète…

  • Is certified by ZEWO, which guarantees a reliable use of the donations
  • Is approved by La Chaîne du Bonheur/Swiss Solidarity
  • Is a member of the “Fedevaco” (VD), “Fribourg Solidaire”, FICD (JU) and "Valais Solidaire" Cooperation Federations organized at the Canton level
  • Is a member of the Swiss National Youth Council (SNYC)
  • Is supported by the Swiss Confederation
  • Is supported by the government of Liechtenstein
  • Has been granted the Albert Schweitzer prize by the Goethe foundation in Strasbourg
  • Is certified with ISO 9001 by SQS. This certification guarantees the quality of the organizational management.