Basic principles

Quality projects favoring people in the Global South

  • An action plan is defined for each country of intervention. The plan specifies the implementation of the project to a particular geographical area and/or well defined partnership.
  • Local coordination teams analyze the projects, give advice to the beneficiaries and follow up on project  implementation. These teams are independent and composed of nationals of the country.
  • We do not impose our interpretation of things. The projects derive from beneficiaries’ demands, depending on their wishes and capacities as well as local opportunities. (We do not accept projects developed by indviduals.)
  • We support concrete projects, with clear and measurable objectives. In general, the projects are implemented in one year, maximum three years.
  • We ensure a long-term follow-up of projects, even after completion of the project. With our coordination teams, we regularly visit past projects and see to their sustainability. We measure the impact of the projects.
  • We are concerned about the environment (protection, reforestation, usage of appropriate technology), women’s participation, and protection of ethnic minorities. These are cross-cutting themes in our projects.
  • The local population contributes to the implementation of the project according to its financial and material means and/or manual labor.
  • The project must quickly become independent so that Nouvelle Planète can pull out. Nouvelle Planète does not support the functioning of institutions.
  • Our aim is that the beneficiaries claim ownership of the project in the best possible way.

Satisfied camp participants

  • We train camp organizers and participants (group management, intercultural awareness, etc.)
  • We accompany the groups for six months prior to departure as well as upon return.
  • The organization of camps is based on clear procedures and contracts.
  • We take into account participants’ feedback during the evaluation of our projects.

Quality management

  • We have a light and efficient administration. Administrative costs do not exceed 8% of the total inflows.
  • We benefit from the support of a number of volunteers who are competent in communications, fundraising, and technical knowledge sharing.
  • We conform to quality standards.
  • We ensure that all our partners respect our charter.