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    Albert Schweitzer

  • L'hôpital de Lambaréné aujourd'hui

    Albert Schweizer's Hospital in Lambaréné

Albert Schweitzer's influence on Nouvelle Planète

Nouvelle Planète has been widely influenced by the "Ethics of Reverence for Life", which were developed by Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965) in Gabon. During the interwar period, Schweitzer searched for solutions in a world which he saw as decadent. " I am life that wills to live in the midst of life that wills to live; I must have reverence for life." He received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1952.

He was more a man of action, rather than a philosopher. He put his thoughts into practice. He announced the "duty to help the hungry in the world" and has fulfilled it, by treating the poorest in the hospital in Lambaréné in Gabon. "Example is not the main thing in influencing others, it's the only thing," is another important quote of his. He believed in human beings, not things, as drivers of progress. He was a convinced optimist oriented towards the future.

Today, Nouvelle Planète still acts according to these principles, which are inspired by Albert Schweitzer, such as: reverence for life, act with a purpose, search for simplicity, mutual trust and optimism.