Nouvelle Planète encourages communes, groups, professional associations, school classes from Switzerland to twin with similar groups in Africa, Asia and Latin America and supports by giving advice and helping them to communicate.


Nouvelle Planète supports small associations, groups, communes and artisans in Switzerland who would like to make a difference in the villages that belong to the organization's geographic intervention areas.

The organizations belonging to the twinning network of Nouvelle Planète are autonomous, but they can exchange best practices and share skills.

This platform aims at improving the relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of the projects that are carried out.

The collaboration can take place on two different levels:

  1. In the project region (monitoring of projects, coaching, advising, consulting, networking in Switzerland and the country of intervention)
  2. In Switzerland only (coaching, advising, networking)

A contract is signed with each group in the network. All of them have to respect the Nouvelle Planète Charter and pay a yearly contribution of CHF 100.-
It is possible to get in touch with these groups by clicking on their link (only in French or German) in or by sending us an e-mail.