Nouvelle Planète began its activities in Uganda in 1999 when it started supporting the St. Moses Child Care Center in Jinja. The organization has supported several construction and renovation projects, and more recently the financial independence of the center. Since 2006, Nouvelle Planète also assists projects in the Buwana region, which focus especially on improving the access to drinkable water. Since 2014, Nouvelle Planète works in the Mukono district, located at about fifty kilometres east of the capital Kampala and develops projects to improve employment prospects and income for women, particularly in agriculture.

Where We Operate

Facts and Figures


Number of projects
Amount transferred for these projects
CHF 68'099.-
Number of camps organized

Since 2014, Nouvelle Planète has worked in association with the Katosi Woman Development Trust (KWDT) which is now the coordinator of Nouvelle Planète in Ouganda. This structure has the goal to improve the living conditions of women in rural areas.
Previously, Nouvelle Planète had collaborated with two partner organizations who still coordinate certain activities in two intervention areas :

  • In Jinja, the St. Moses centre looks after 218 children. The centre carries out different agricultural and stock breeding projects to become gradually independant from external assistance. It employs about ten people, one of which looks after the Nouvelle Planète projects. 
  • In the surrounding area of Buwama, Voluntary Action for Development (VAD) looks after water and training projects.

Operational Strategy
Since 2014, the new intervention strategy focuses on actions which value female activities in the Mukono region. These projects therefore allow women to enhance their role within the community and offers them new employment and additional income prospects.