Nouvelle Planète has been present in Senegal since 2005. The organization engaged first in the technology sector, in collaboration with the Albert Schweitzer Ecological Center (CEAS). It has then become involved within different sectors in order to respond to the demands of local groups in rural areas. Today, Nouvelle Planète supports projects in the sectors of education, economy, technology, agriculture, health and water.

Where We Operate

Facts and Figures


Number of projects
Amount transferred for these projects
CHF 289'995.-
Number of camps organized

The local, autonomous team of Performance Afrique coordinates the activities supported by Nouvelle Planète and works with a network of professionals for the implementation of the projects. The administrative team is composed of three staff members and is based in Thiès.

Operational Strategy
Nouvelle Planète operates in five municipalities in Senegal: Ndindy, Touba Mbélane, Ségrégata, Djiredji and Simbandi Balante. A limited area of operation allows Nouvelle Planète to work with the people over a longer time period and to understand the challenges that the local population faces. Nouvelle Planète confines itself to areas that do not receive much development aid and that are often difficult to access.