Nouvelle Planète has been engaged in Madagascar since 1995. The areas of operation include access to water, improvement of the educational infrastructure, technology and organic farming. Nouvelle Planète works exclusively in rural areas.

Where We Operate

Facts and Figures


Number of projects
Amount transferred for these projects
CHF 291'482.-
Number of camps organized

A local, autonomous team, Cicafe, coordinates the activities undertaken by Nouvelle Planète. Several specialists, who help when necessary during the development of the projects, are in Cicafe's network. The administrative team is composed of six staff and is based in Antananarivo.

Operational Strategy
The smallest administrative entities in Madagascar are communes, which are about the size of districts in Switzerland and can have a length of 50km. Within the communes, there are different “fokontany”, which include smaller settlements, villages or neighborhoods. The “fokontany” constitutes today the basic administrative body. Their inhabitants are subscribing to an implicit social contract to carry out work in the interest of the general public. Nouvelle Planète’s projects are based on these units within four main communes: Analavory, Ankaranana, Andriambilany and Ambano to promote a relevant and coherent regional development.

Nouvelle Planète also assists the activities of Swiss twinning groups by following up their projects. Three twinning groups are part of the network.