Guinea has been added to the countries of operation of Nouvelle Planète most recently of all countries. The programme there began in 2013. Before undertaking concrete projects, thorough field research was conducted to develop an intervention strategy. Nouvelle Planète intervenes in two sub-prefecture of the Kindia department: Samaya and Bangouya.

Where We Operate

Facts and Figures


Number of projects
Amount transferred for these projects
CHF 145'640.-
Number of camps organized

Nouvelle Planète can count on a local team that is already in contact with our coordination team in Senegal. It is an existing structure which has a long experience with intervention methods of Nouvelle Planète. Performance Afrique Guinea is based in the city of Kindia. It consists of three workers and collaborates with the unit in Thiès, in Senegal.

Operational strategy
Nouvelle Planète intervenes in the Kindia region of Guinea in two sub-prefecture: Samaya and Bangouya. A clearly defined geographical region is necessary to optimize as much as possible the coherence of our intervention. A smaller sized area of intervention makes long-term work with people possible and facilitates responsiveness to challenges faced by the local population.