The first activities in Cameroon began in 2008 in the Northwestern Highlands of the country. Since then, the annual number of projects has gradually increased. The projects have mainly been directed towards primary and secondary education, WASH and environment.

Where We Operate

Facts and Figures


Number of projects
Amount transferred for these projects
CHF 124'874.-
Number of camps organized

In Cameroon, the non-governmental organization Community Development Volunteers for Technical Assistance (CDVTA) carries out the activities undertaken by Nouvelle Planète. This organization consists of a large network of dynamic and well-organized village groups, which have been created by the eldest member of different hamlets. The organization has more than 15 years of experience within the development sector and cooperates with experts in various areas. The team is composed of more than fifteen people, of which four are responsible for Nouvelle Planète projects. CDVTA is based in Bamenda, the capital of the Northwest region.

Operational Strategy
The operational strategy of Nouvelle Planète in Cameroon is reviewed every year and is centered around two divisions in the Northwest region: Boyo and Ngo Ketunja. Within this area, CDVTA cooperates with village groups with previous experience from managing other projects such as schools, gardens or water distribution. The groups are all aiming at improving the standard of living of the people in this remote area and at preserving their natural environment.
Nouvelle Planète supports projects regarding primary and secondary education, environment, water and sanitation.