Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso was the first country in which Nouvelle Planète engaged in the technology sector in the 1980s, first in collaboration with the Albert Schweitzer Ecological Centre (CEAS). Since 1986, Nouvelle Planète has supported specific projects requested by associations of active women, farmers, welcome and education centers for children, etc.

Where We Operate

Facts and Figures


Number of projects
Amount transferred for these projects
CHF 160'763.- (without twinnings)
Number of camps organized

The local organization BCOD (Bureau Conseil en Organisation et Développement – Advice Bureau in Organization and Development) coordinates the actions supported by Nouvelle Planète. It brings together local groups and people with skills in numerous fields who provide advice and expertise in the carrying out of projetcs. The administrative team comprises 3 people. It is based in Ouagadougou with a sub-branch in Gourcy.

Operational Strategy
Nouvelle Planète’s strategy in Burkina Faso is based on the long-term collaboration with around fifteen local associations, amongst which are active rural women's groups, local or regional associations of farmers, as well as organizations that take care of children. All of them aim to improve the standard of living of the local population while focusing on the environment. These are dynamic, open and well managed organizations.
In Burkina Faso, there are projects in all of Nouvelle Planète's priority areas (children and youth, women, environment, health).  The organization also assists the activities of Swiss twinning groups by following up their projects. Fifteen twinning groups in various villages or centers (twin villages or schools, individual sponsorship) are part of the network.